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The documentation is written in TMML (developed by Joe English). See for informations about TMML.

The HTML files and man pages are created from the TMML sources. 

To process the TMML files you need:

o tDOM

  tDOM must be already successfully installed.


  VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure, you have the current CVS HEAD of
  TMML. The latest TMML distribution dates from August 2000 and could
  not used for the steps, described below. Informations about how to
  get TMML CVS HEAD could be found at 

  You only need to check out the actual version of TMML, no further
  installation or modification is needed.

o tcllib
  The TMML tools uses a module out of tcllib. Any recent distribution
  should do. If you really don't have it already, it's worth to
  install it, regardless of this TMML stuff.  Installation should be
  completely painless. Find it at

If you have all requirements in place, just do:

  tclsh path/to/your/tmml/tools/tmml.tcl toman dom.xml ?domDoc.xml  ...?

This creates nroff man pages of the accordingly documentation in the sub dir
man (which will be automatically created, if it doesn't exist.)
The next command creates the HTML pages:

  tclsh path/to/your/tmml/tools/tmml.tcl tohtml dom.xml ?domDoc.xml ...?

This creates the HTML pages in the html sub dir (also, will be
created, if needed).

And you may do 

  tclsh path/to/your/tmml/tools/tmml.tcl navpages

This will create an index.html, the category-index.html and the
keyword-index.html for the HTML version of the documentation.