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History of tests/domNode.bench

Most obvious, low hanging fruits of the tdomNodeType Tcl_Obj reform are harvested now. A lot of (if not most) operations in token mode are faster (some micro-benchmark measurements say roughly double speed (or even more)). Even operations in cmd mode seem to be a little bit faster, for whatever reasons. Valgrind checked test suite run is still fine. Because this are changes within the heart of the extension, I'll test this futher in real-live applications, before merging this into trunk. file: [3d457513be] check-in: [9b93825de2] user: rolf branch: tdomNodeType, size: 7550
Added this files: Start of a benchmark suite. file: [25c205110b] check-in: [e327e2dd7b] user: rolf branch: trunk, size: 6020 Added