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NOTICE: This file isn't kept up to date anymore. Look at the timeline
of the leading fossil repository ( or at the backup
repository at for detailed lists of
code changes.

User interface changes/enhancements and other important changes will
still be documented in the CHANGES file.

2012-05-17  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/tcldom.c: Compatibility with Tcl 8.6 - Beginning
          with 8.6, interp->errorLine isn't public visible anymore
          (TIP 330).

        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed wrong size on memcpy on 64 bit
          (when sizeof(int)!=sizeof(int*))

2009-11-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * expat/xmltok_impl.c: Fix for possible DoS attack (see

2008-08-27  Rolf Ade  <>

        * Added missing space in target
          pkgIndex.tcl-hand. Thanks to Gustaf Neumann for reporting
          the problem and providing a fix.

2008-05-25  Rolf Ade  <>

        * lib/tdom.tcl: The XPath function element-available() should,
          according to the rec, return true "if and only if the
          <argument> is the name of an instruction". That is, not for
          all known XSLT elements.

2008-03-04  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tclexpat.c: Editorial changes.

        * generic/domhtml.c: 
        * generic/domxslt.c: Added a few casts, to pacify picky

2007-12-26  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed a memory leak in case of

2007-10-30  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domhtml.c: 
        * tests/htmlreader.test: ID Attributes in HTML documents
          parsed with -html do now what you expect: you find it with

2007-10-29  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/domNode.*
        * doc/domDoc.*: Fixed documentation error in the documentation
          of the replaceChild method.

2007-10-08  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domhtml.c
        * tests/htmlreader.test: Fixed handling of attributes without
          value. Now, an attribute without value gets the attribute
          name as value.

2007-10-04  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/domDoc.test: Fixed test domDoc-1.2: Test was broken in
          case of locale != ISO-8859-1 (or -15).

2007-10-03  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/ generated a pkgIndex.tcl file,
          that didn't work in case of spaces in the install
          path. Thanks to Koen Danckaert.

2007-09-28  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/all-bench.tcl
        * tests/domNode.bench
        * tests/xpath.bench: Added this files: Start of a benchmark

2007-09-25  Rolf Ade  <>
        * win/
        * win/nmakehlp.c
        * win/
        * win/tdom.rc: Updated. (Thanks to Pat Thoyts.)

        * tdom.m4
        * extensions/tnc/configure: Fixes tnc building against
          uninstalled tdom. (Thanks to Daniel A. Steffen.)

2007-08-23  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * tests/dom.test
        * tests/xmlsimple.test
        * tests/xpath.test
        * tests/xslt.test: Fixed bug triggered by invalid XSLT XPath
          pattern (normal XPath expr (via selectNodes) wasn't
          infected). Checked the code for similar spots and fixed a
          few. Replaced a fprintf(stderr, ..) called in an
          'impossible' case with a more appropriate domPanic call.

2007-08-18  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Code cleanup in document()

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c: More constification and clean up.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domalloc.c
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxpath.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Big const ification.

2007-08-15  Rolf Ade  <>
        * configure
        * unix/CONFIG
        * tdom.m4: New default build: --disable-tdomalloc.

        * CHANGES: Updated.

        * README
        * README.AOL
        * configure
        * configure-tcl8.0.5
        * tests/loadtdom.tcl
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix.h
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix_OSX.h
        * win/
        * win/
        * win/pkgIndex.tcl: Bumped version to 0.8.3.

--- Release 0.8.2, 14. Aug. 2007 ---

2007-08-13  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/pkgIndex.tcl: Bumped version to 0.8.2

2007-08-12  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Corrected a typo in the doc cmd usage
          message. Updated the asXML related parts of the doc and node
          cmd usage msg. Corrected a typo in the error msg in case of
          wrong # of args to asXML.

        * generic/tdomStubLib.c: Ensure that the new code build also
          with tcl8.0.x (although that old versions doesn't have
          extension stubs tables.)

        * extensions/tnc/configure
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tnc/tnc.c: Tweaks to build tnc with

        * tdom.m4: Removed irritating breaks in TDOM_PATH_CONFIG.

        * unix/tclAppInit.c: Editorial fix.

        * generic/tdomStubLib.c: Rewritten from the scratch.

2007-08-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Code cosmetic.

        * generic/tcldom.c: Updated error msg in case of wrong # of
          args to the asXML method to the new added option

        * generic/tdom.h
        * generic/tclexpat.h: Fixed build problem with the build
          environment win/msys/mingw.
        * generic/aolstub.cpp: Fixed editorial mistake in comment.

        * unix/tclAppInit.c: Rewritten from the scratch. New feature:
          tcldomsh will read ~/.tcldomshrc at start up.

2007-08-07  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.h: Another change needed, to complete the new
          type of domDoc->documentNumber.

2007-08-07  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c: Type gymnastic for 64 bit systems.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/tcldom.c: Changed domDoc->documentNumber,
          domUniqueNodeNr and domUniqueDocNr to unsigned long, to
          prevent hard to debug / reproduce problems on 64 bit

        * win/ Don't use precompiled headers.

        * extensions/tnc/ Brought in sync with tdom core.

        * generic/tclexpat.c: Compiler pacifying.

        * generic/tdomDecls.h: Fixed a wrong function signature.

        * generic/tdomStubLib.c: Made the compiler happy.

        * generic/dom.c: Corrected an error msg.

        * generic/tclexpat.c: Still problems on 64bit w/
          -externalentitycommand. This health the biggest pain.

2007-08-05  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/
        * win/ Bumped version to 0.8.2. Missed that in

        * README
        * README.AOL
        * configure
        * configure-tcl8.0.5
        * tests/loadtdom.tcl
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix.h
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix_OSX.h: Bumped version to 0.8.2.

        * generic/domhtml.c
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Casted arg of ctype.h is*
          macros/function calles to unsigned char to reduce compiler
          warning noise.

        * generic/tcldom.c:
        * tests/domDoc.test: In case of asXML with indentation: indent
          XML comments as well.

        * doc/domNode.*
        * doc/domDoc.*: Added documentation to the new variable
          references feature of the selectNodes method, for the
          deleteXPathCache method and the -escapeAllQuot option of the
          asXML method.

        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed a mem leak introduced by
          deleteXPathCache. Added option -escapeAllQuot to the asXML

        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/domDoc.test: Added method deleteXPathCache: basic
          control over the xpath expression cache.
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxpath.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * tests/xpath.test: Variable references (at the places allowed
          by the XPath syntax) will now be resoved as Tcl variables,
          relative to the scope of the expression. Ignoring the XPath
          syntax rules at this point, any valid Tcl variable name will

2007-08-03  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Added doc method renameNode, without XML
          namespace awareness. There will be a final (XML namespace
          aware) method implementation after 0.8.2, therefore, this
          will slip in as hidden or 'unsupported' and at least
          undocumented method. 

2007-07-31  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * tests/xpath.test: Bug fix: floats in xpath expressions
          starting with . could have an additional (erroneous) dot in
          it without detection.

        * expat/*
        * extensions/tnc/tnc.c
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/tclexpat.c
        * generic/tdom.decls
        * generic/tdom.h
        * generic/tdomDecls.h: Update to expat 2.0.1; minor build

2007-07-27  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tclconfig/tcl.m4
        * tclconfig/README.txt
        * configure
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tnc/configure: Updated to TEA 3.6. Rebuild configure.

2007-07-25  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c: Fix for the -externalentitycommand problems
          on (some) 64-bit plattforms.

        * tests/xpath.test: Added a few tests related to white-space
          in XPath expressions.

2007-07-23  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domhtml.c
        * tests/htmlreader.test: Fix for problem reported by

2007-04-18  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/domDoc.*: Emendation.

2007-03-03  Rolf Ade  <>

        * Fixed (at least for most of the cases) bug in
          test target, in case the user builds in a dir elsewhere. 

2007-02-04  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tdom.m4
        * configure
        * extensions/tnc/configure
        * README
        * unix/CONFIG: Modified the tdom.m4 configure macros to use
          the current documentation style of TEA in case of configure
          --help. Fixed a bug in the TDOM_ENABLE_DTD. Re-generated
          configure and tnc configure. Added some explanations about
          the tDOM specific configure options to unix/CONFIG and a
          pointer to that information to README.

        * extensions/tnc/tnc.c: Minor editorial changes.

        * extensions/tnc/test.tcl: Fixed the loading of the tDOM
          scripted library in case of run with tcldomsh. 

        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed bug in xsl:fallback handling.

2007-02-02  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tdom.m4
        * configure: Corrected spelling error in tdom.m4, re-generated
          configure. Thanks to Larry Virden for reporting.

2007-01-16  Rolf Ade  <>

        * extensions/tnc/ The build tool combination
          TEA/cygwin/VC++ needs a crude hack.

2007-01-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * More corrections: Did not install the tDOM
          stubs library. Minor other corrections related to
          distclean. Again thanks to Andreas Kupries.

        * extensions/tnc/ Don't call target install-doc
          while installing - the tnc doc is in the top level doc dir.

        * extensions/tnc/ Fixed the name of the shared
          lib. Now uses @PKG_LIB_FILE@ for the dll name.
2007-01-09  Rolf Ade  <>

        * Did not install anymore,
          which causes trouble building tDOM extensions (including
          tnc). Thanks to Andreas Kupries for reporting the problem
          with analysis.

2007-01-05  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c: In XPath expressions: Whitespace between
          the abbreviated attribute axis specifier @ and the attribute
          name is allowed.

2006-11-22  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domhtml.c: Normalize case of attribute also (not
          only elements). Accept space on both sides of the = of
          attribute values.

2006-11-08  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * tests/xpath.test: Fixed seg fault in XPath expr parser for a
          certain kind of erroneous XPath expressions.

2006-08-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * CHANGES
        * configure
        * tclconfig/README.txt
        * tclconfig/tcl.m4
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tnc/configure
        * extensions/tnc/ Updated the TEA build system to

2006-05-24  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Fix of the isQName method: Strings with valid
          prefix and non-NCNameStart char as first char after the ':'
          wasn't detected as invalid QName.

2006-01-08  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c
        * tests/xslt.test: Fixed a rounding bug of format-number()

2006-01-06  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/domDoc.*: Fixed markup errors.

2005-12-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * tests/xslt.test: Fixed bug in namespace handling in
2005-12-03  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * tests/domNode.test: Fix of the cloneNode method: if the node
          to clone (or, in case of -deep, a node within the subtree to
          clone) had a namespace declaration attribute then the result
          was wrong.

        * tests/domDoc.test: Added a test for the special handling of
          the content of script/style tags in case of asHTML.

2005-10-19  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxpath.h
        * tests/xpath.test: Fixed string-length() and substring() to
          work on chars, as they should, not on bytes.

2005-09-27  Rolf Ade  <>
        * tests/htmlreader.test: Added a test case, reported by
          Richard Suchenwirth, which crashes 0.8.0, but raises error
          with current cvs head, without any mem problems.

2005-09-24  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Doh! The code detected ill grouping-size
          values and set errMsg accordingly, but didn't propagate the
          error. Fixed. Do memory cleanup after detecting wrong
          xsl:number level attribute value. Fixed memory leak in case
          of incorrect xslt attributes of included or imported
          xsl:stylesheet elements. Fixed memory leak in case of
          syntactically wrong xsl:key use attribute XPath
          expression. Fixed memory leak in case of toplevel
          parameter or variables which are syntactically incorrect,
          because they have both a select attribute and content.

2005-09-19 Rolf Ade   <>

        * generic/domxpath.c: Improved detection/reporting of XPath
          syntax errors. Fixed two memory leaks in the XPath parser in
          case of some kind of erroneous XPath expressions.

2005-09-17  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c: id() on an empty node set should return
          an empty string, according to the rec, not raise an error,
          as it did up to now. Fixed a memory leak in concat() in the
          case of xpath expressions as arguments, which raise
          error. Normally, XPath expressions doens't raise error at
          all; that's how XPath is designed. That is unfortunately not
          completely true with current tDOM, because tDOM doesn't do
          an as rigoros as possible argument check at XPath expression
          parsing time (that will change) and because of user defined
          XPath extension functions.

2005-09-16  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed memory fault in case of external
          documents resolved based on the base URI of a node of the
          source element.

2005-09-13  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/domxpath.c: Bug fix: The namespace axis will be
          empty unless the context node is an element.

        * aclocal.m4
        * configure
        * tdom.m4
        * extensions/tnc/configure
        * extensions/tnc/ Improvement of the build
          system. Now works also with the tool combination
          cygwin/TEA/VC++. Thanks to Andreas Kupries for his patch.
2005-08-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tdominit.c: Removed tests about mt-ness of
          tclsh/tdom, due to popular demand. Mt compiled tDOM now will
          load into non-mt tclsh, as will a non-mt compiled tDOM into
          a mt tclsh.
          Using a non-mt tDOM within only one thread of a mt
          tclsh should work just fine. But never ever use a non-mt
          tDOM in several threads of a mt tclsh. That may crash
          randomly. Use, how surprising, an mt-enabled tDOM for
          that. This will work fine.
          Using a mt aware tDOM within a non-tm tclsh is little bit
          slower and memory demanding. It will also have a few
          methods, that are superfluous within the non-tm tcl
          context. It should always work, but for best results use a
          non-mt tDOM with non-mt tclsh.

2005-08-20  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h: Added function domPreviousSibling().

        * generic/domxslt.c: Bug fix: Use domPreviousSibling() in
          xsltNumber() to prevent erroneous results, if attribute
          nodes are involved in the numbering.

2005-06-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domhtml.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Internal dispersion: Cleaned up
          rootNode/toplevel nodes connection, added new function

        * tcldom.c: Closed memory leak in case of not well-formed
          input to the simple or html parser.  

        * generic/domlock.h: Removed unused variable.

        * tests/dom.test: Added test, to document handling of white
          space outside the document element even in case of
          -keepEmpties (it's markup white space and will be removed).

        * tests/domDoc.test
        * tests/htmlreader.test
        * tests/xmlsimple.test: Added a few tests.

2005-05-13  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/htmlreader.test
        * generic/domhtml.c: Fixed seg fault in case of some garbage

2005-05-12  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/domNode.test
        * generic/tcldom.c: Fix: domNode nodeValue $newValue didn't
          check the newValue for being valid pcdata.

2005-05-02  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/parser.test    
        * generic/tclexpat.c: Bug fix: expat parser method
          parsechannel didn't (depending on the encoding of the
          channel) report parsing errors.

2005-04-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tclconfig/ChangeLog
        * tclconfig/ac_c_bigendian_cross.m4: Deleted.     
        * tclconfig/README.txt: Updated.    

        * apps/xslt.tcl: Updated to request tdom 0.8.1.

        * configure
        * tdom.m4
        * tclconfig/tcl.m4
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tnc/configure
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tnc/tnc.c: Updated to use TEA 3.2. Thanks to
          Daniel A. Steffen and Andreas Kupries for input.
2005-04-04  Rolf Ade  <>

        * expat/expat.h: Removed last comma in enum XML_Status
          declaration, to prevent compiler errors (xlc on AIX
          64). (Current expat CVS head has the same fix.)

2005-03-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/xslt.test    
        * generic/dom.c: Fix in domAppendNewElementNode(),
          domAppendLiteralNode() and domAppendNewTextNode(): if the
          created node is a child of doc->root, set the parentNode

        * generic/domxslt.c: Removed (anyway not correctly working)
          work-around to set parent of the childs of doc->root
          (problem now correctly fixed by changes in dom.c).

        * tests/domNode.test
        * generic/nodecmd.c: Changes, to prepare adding of node
          creating cmds, which creates namespace aware nodes.  

2005-03-21  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/domDoc.test: Fixed flawed test, which slipped through,

2005-03-18  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/domDoc.*
        * doc/domNode.*
        * CHANGES
        * tests/domDoc.test
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/dom.c: Added document method selectNodesNamespaces,
          to provide a document global XPath prefix/namespace mapping.

2005-03-12  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/xslt.test: Added two tests about two subtleties of
          the XPath syntax: white space between the $ and a varname
          are not allowed, while white space between the braces of
          node() is allowed.

2005-03-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/nodecmd.c
        * tests/dom.test: Using of a node creating command outside of
          node context after that node creating command was already
          used in node context didn't raised error (as it should) but
          could have all kinds of effects (including seg fault).

2005-02-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Fix for MT-enabled tDOM: If a doc was
          attached to more than one thread, nodeCmd creation was
          borken (only one thread got a nodeCmd for a given node).

2005-02-03  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Bug fix: current() did not work in
          xsl:key use expressions. Moved setting of xs->current from
          all about the place into evalXPath. A bit code massage, to
          avoid bogus compiler warning.

        * doc/domDoc.*
        * tests/domDoc.test  
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c: Added support for xsl:output
          cdata-section-elements attribute. Added method
          cdataSectionElements to domDocs, as tcl interface to

        * doc/domDoc.*: Added documentation for the domDoc method

        * generic/domxpath.c: Editorial changes.

2005-02-02  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/ Updated to provide the new defines
          PACKAGE_NAME and PACKAGE_VERSION introduced by the update to
          TEA-3 support.

2005-01-19  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domhtml.c
        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Renamed exported symbols attrNames and
          tagNames to tdom_attrNames and tdom_tagNames, to avoid name
          clash. startDoctypeDeclHandler() and
          endDoctypeDeclHandler(): added missing static.

2005-01-16  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	*                 Bumped version to 0.8.1.
	* configure:                   Added TEA-3 support.
	*                Made AOLserver 4.x virtual-server aware
	* tdom.m4:                     and added examples how to build the
	* generic/aolstub.cpp:         lib as AOLserver module for 4.x series.
	* generic/tdominit.c:          
	* mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix.h:
	* mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix_OSX.h:
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* tclconfig/ChangeLog:
	* tclconfig/tcl.m4:
	* tests/loadtdom.tcl:
	* unix/CONFIG:
2005-01-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/domDoc.*
        * doc/domNode.*: Added documentation for the -cache option of
          the selectNodes method.

        * lib/tdom.tcl: Scripted xpath function element-available:
          moved xsl:output to the available elements, since it's in
          fact available in the meantime (with exception of the
          'version' and 'cdata-section-elements' attributes) - the
          output options can be queried from the result doc, but it's
          the responsibility of the application, to serialize the tree
          according to that settings.

2005-01-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/dom.*: Corrected typo.     

        * generic/dom.c: Fixed a leftover reference to embedded hash
          table in domDocument struct.

2005-01-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxpath.h
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/domNode.test: Don't embed Tcl_HashTables into dom Docs,
          use pointers to the hash table. Added -cache option to the
          selectNodes method.

2005-01-07  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/domalloc.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/tclexpat.c
        * generic/nodecmd.c
        * generic/nodecmd.h
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/domDoc.test
        * generic/tcldom.h: Clean up, to decrease (innocuous) compiler
          warnings (thanks to Pat Thoyts for triggering input and

        * win/ Improved VC++ compiler makefile. Thanks to
          Pat Thoyts for contribution.

        * win/nmakehlp.c
        * win/
        * win/tdom.rc: Added this files. Thanks to Pat Thoyts for

2005-01-06  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/domDoc.test
        * tests/domNode.test
        * doc/domDoc.*
        * doc/domNode:*: Handle multiple -namespaces options to
          selectNodes method. Added methods transform and delete to
          xsltCmds. Ensure, that documents created with the [dom
          createDocument* methods] are created as docCmds in case of
          'auto' creation mode.
        * tests/dom.test     Added a few tests: related to createNodeCmd
        * tests/element.test (dom), node text method (domNode), chancing
        * tests/parser.test  callback from within a callback (element,
        * tests/xslt.test    parser) and catching of recursive xsl
                             include/import (xslt).

2004-12-21  Rolf Ade  <>                                   
        * generic/domxslt.c: xsl:key with match expressions, which          
          matches attributes, did not work. Prevent, that a stylesheet      
          import/include itself. Editorial changes.                         
        * generic/dom.c: domAppendNewElementNode(): Set the namespace       
          of a per xslt transformation generated node wrong under           
          certain circumstances. This fixes                                 
          leftover (former local used) define TNODE.                        
2004-12-12  Rolf Ade  <>                                   
        * generic/domxpath.c                                                
        * tests/xpath.test: xpath expressions ancestor-or-self::node()      
          and parent::node() returned wrong result if the context node      
          is /.                                                             
2004-12-10  Rolf Ade  <>                                   
        * doc/expat.*                                                       
        * generic/tclexpat.c                                                
        * generic/tclexpat.h                                                
        * tests/parser.test: Don't allow the methods parse,                 
          parsechannel, parsefile, free and reset from within a             
          callback of the parser be used but raise a tcl error.             
2004-10-25  Rolf Ade  <>                                   
        * doc/domNode.*: Added documentation for the '-namespaces'          
          option of the selectNodes method.                                 
        * doc/dom.*: Added a note to the -externalentitycommand option      
          of the parse method, that the programmer is responsible for       
          closing the channel, if the resolver script returns a

2004-09-29  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/pkgIndex.tcl: First [load] the lib, which has 
          [package provide tdom], so that a [package require tdom]
          within the script lib doesn't loop.

        * generic/tcldom.c: Added the with 0.8 added doc methods to
          the doc_usage.    

2004-09-21  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/domDoc.*: Add documentation for 'selectNodes' method.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxpath.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c: Added the '-namespaces' option to the
          selectNodes method. Not resolved namespace prefixes within
          the xpath expression now raises an error.

2004-09-13  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Corrected a typo in an error msg.

2004-09-08  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Editorial changes.

2004-09-02  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/domNode.test: toXPath method: fixed bug with
          non-element top level nodes, closed mem leak.

2004-08-23  Rolf Ade  <>

        * README
        * README.AOL: Corrected typos (thanks to G. Neumann)

2004-08-20  Rolf Ade  <>

        * expat/*: Update to expat 1.95.8.

2004-08-19  Rolf Ade  <>

        * unix/CONFIG    
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/tcldom.c: Made tDOM work out of the box on 64-bit
          systems like Itanium 2 (though --disable-tdomalloc configure
          option at build time is still needed).

2004-08-17  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.h: Added fluff, to fix build problemx on AIX w/
          xlc compiler.    

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/tcldom.c: Removed unused variables.    

2004-08-15  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/xmlsimple.h
        * generic/xmlsimple.c
        * tests/dom.test: Pass external entity resolver script around
          in string representation (insteand of Tcl_Obj), to avoid
          problems with mt builds.

--- Release 0.8.0, 11. Aug. 2004 ---

2004-08-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * extensions/tnc/ Link against tDOM 0.8.0.

        * doc/dom.*: Corrected a spelling mistake.

2004-07-28  Rolf Ade  <>

        * lib/tdom.tcl: [namespace export] the public procs in
          ::tDOM. Added a few more encodings to IANAEncoding2TclEncoding.

2004-07-27  Rolf Ade  <>

        * test/dom.test
        * doc/dom.*
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/tcldom.c: New (experimental) method setObjectCommands.

        * test/domNode.test
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tclexpat.c
        * generic/tcldom.c: Reworked internal base URI handling, to fix
          a bug of the old approach and to be closer to (though not
          fully support) what DOM 3 say about base URI handling.

        * tests/dom.test  
        * doc/dom.*
        * generic/tcldom.c: New method createDocumentNode.

        * tests/domDoc.test
        * doc/domDoc.*
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tcldom.c: Added methods nodeType, getElementById,
          firstChild, lastChild, appendChild, removeChild,
          hasChildNodes, childNodes, ownerDocument, insertBefore,
          replaceChild, appendFromList, appendXML, selectNodes,
          baseURI, appendFromScript and insertBeforeFromScript to dom
          docs. Beside other things, this allows much easier handling
          of top level nodes. The result tree may not be an XML
          document, but a general parsed entity.

        * tests/domNode.test  
        * doc/domNode.*
        * generic/tcldom.c: Improved speed of the getAttribute
          shortcut '@attname' (and, not so notable, of tcl coded
          methods of the dom, domDoc and domNode cmds). Corrected typo
          in domNode usage msg for getElementByID. Improved error msg
          for getAttribute, if attribute is not found. Changed
          behavior of getElementByID: if no element with the given id
          is found, returns now the empty string, not a TCL_ERROR
          (closer to DOM rec, getElementByID never raise an
          exception). Bug fix: nodeName now returns the per DOM rec
          correct values for comment and cdata section nodes (were as
          yet reported as if they where text nodes).

        * tests/entity.test  
        * generic/tclexpat.c: Better error msg in case of 'filename'
          and not valid file name.

        * tests/xpath.test: Documented behaviour in case of using
          (senseless, wrong) 'xslt variable' in selectNode exprs.

        * tests/xslt.test: More tests for script errors in external
          entity handler or errors in the requested external
2004-07-19  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Better error msg in case of XML parsing
          errors in external entities.

        * generic/nodecmd.c: Bug fix: Check, if refnode given to
          insertBeforeFromScript is valid.   
2004-07-13  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Ensure, that the first element node of
          the result tree is the documentElement of the generated

        * tests/xmlsimple.test
        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Empty CDATA sections should not create
          a node.
2004-07-08  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/tdominit.c: Test, if a non-mt tDOM is tried to load
          into a mt tclsh.

2004-05-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/dom.*
        * tests/dom.test
        * tests/domNode.test
        * tests/tdomcmd.test
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/nodecmd.h
        * generic/nodecmd.c: Added isPIName, isComment, isCDATA and
          isPIValue method to the dom command. Created new global
          (thread wide) flags for name and value checks (Names and FQ
          Names (element, attribute and processing instruction names),
          text nodes, comments, CDATA sections and processing
          instruction values). New methods setNameCheck and
          setTextCheck to control this flags. 

        * generic/nodecmd.c: Bug fix in case of 
          appendFromScript script.

        * generic/domxslt.c: Uses the new domIsComment, domIsPINAME
          and domIsPIValue API functions of dom.c. Improved
          xsl:processing-instruction processing (now instantiating the

        * generic/domxpath.c: Minor editorial changes.

        * tests/domCmd.test: Deleted this file, moved the tests to
          the new dom.test or domDoc.test.

        * tests/dom.test: Moved the tests from this file to the new
          domNode.test and collected dom command tests here.

        * tests/domDoc.test
        * tests/domNode.test: Created this files, tests from dom.test
          and domCmd.test.  

        * doc/expat.*  
        * tests/xpath.test
        * tests/xslt.test: Minor changes.
2004-05-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * apps/xslt.tcl: Fixed the test for running in a source tree
          with tcldomsh. (doh!)

2004-05-08  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Removed superfluous arg baseURI from

        * generic/domhtml.c
        * tests/htmlreader.test: Fixed html-2.1 and html-2.2. (This
          html reader is crusty stuff...)

2004-03-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c: Fix of the template priority calculation
          and clearing out of xpathGetPrio().

2004-03-14  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Fixed a few simple parser seg faults in
          case of not-wf input. See xmlconf/xmltest/not-wf/sa/022.xml,
          xmlconf/xmltest/not-wf/sa/042.xml for examples.

2003-12-30  Rolf Ade  <>

        * extensions/tdomhtml/
        * extensions/tnc/ Doh! Undo the last changes; I
          fixed this already 2003-10-12.

        * generic/dom.c: Removed superfluous comma from the
          tdomMethod enum, which bothered the AIX xlc compiler.

        * generic/domxpath.c: Editorial change: Removed some
          superfluous casts to (char*) from tdomstrdup result - its
          defined to return char*.
        * generic/domxpath.h
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * tests/xslt.test
        * generic/domxslt.c: Implemented the special constraints on
          certain xpath pattern/expr (no current() func in pattern, no
          var references in template and key match pattern and key use
          expr, no key() func in key match pattern and use expr.)

2003-12-24  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/pkgIndex.tcl:     
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tdomhtml/
        * extensions/example/ Bug fix: Protect against
          spaces in the path to the package.

2003-12-20  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/pkgIndex.tcl: Also updated to new version nr 0.8.0.
2003-12-17  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/domNode.*
        * generic/tcldom.c: Added baseURI method, which returns the
          current base URI and has an optional argument to set the
          base URI. (The getBaseURI is deprecated.)

2003-12-15  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/domxslt.c: More fixes to ensure ns integrity of xslt
          result trees.

2003-12-14  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/attribute.text: Made test results independent from the
          (undefined) order of [array get].

        * tests/dom.test: Build expected result of some tests with
          [list], instead of providing a string rep. This hides the
          changes in list string rep by TIP 148, so that the tests
          work both with pre- and post TIP 148 tcl.

2003-12-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/xslt.test
        * generic/domxpath.c: Bug fix: double mem free in case of
          pattern w/ FQ element with positional dependent predicate.

        * generic/dom.c
        * tests/domCmd.test
        * tests/pcdata.test
        * tests/tdomcmd.test
        * generic/tclexpat.c: Bug fix: Don't quash white space of non
          white space only content in trim mode.

2003-12-09  Rolf Ade  <>

        * lib/tdom.tcl: Improved regexp to extract encoding. Corrected
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/dom.c: Bug fix in namespace handling: copy-of from
          result tree fragments could mess up ns handling, if a
          default namespace is already in scope in the result tree.

2003-12-08  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/
        * win/ Also updated to verson nr. 0.8.0.

2003-11-28  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Switched back to Tcl_Panic() in one case,
          to make MT builds work.

        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/dom.c: With MT tDOM, a domDoc extRefHandler
          script may be used within another thread.

2003-11-27  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/dom.c
        * tests/xslt.tests: Another fix, to ensure namespace integrity
          of the result doc.

2003-11-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c
        * tests/xslt.test: Fix, to ensure namespace integrity of the
          result doc. Fixed parentNode of documentElement and siblings
          of the result tree.

2003-11-24  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/tdomcmd.test: Added this file.

        * generic/dom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Don't include PIs inside the internal subset
          into the tree.

        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * tests/xslt.test
        * generic/dom.c: Added domDoc methods omit-xml-declaration,
          indent, standalone, encoding and mediaType.
        * generic/tclexpat.c
        * generic/tclexpat.h  
        * generic/dom.c: Changed parserObj behavior: parser don't need
          a reset call after a final parse or parsing error.
        * tests/xslt.test  
        * generic/domxslt.c: Bug fix: seg fault for document('') with
          stylesheet tree with empty baseURI. Minor
          optimizations. Fixed invalid memory read.

        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test: (Probably) temporarily disabled
          automatically clean up of nodeObjCmds, to work around bug:
          Storing the same node in different evaluation contexts with
          the optional objVar argument (as in [$doc documentElement
          root]) at the same time did not work.

        * generic/domxpath.c: Fixed a mem leak with some sum() calls
          with NaN result. Fixed invalid memory read.

        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed mem leak with
          -externalentitycommand. Fixed mem leak with parsing xml
          document with external entity and parsing error in an
          external entity. Minor code clean up. 
        * tests/parser.test:  
        * generic/tclexpat.c: Fixed memory problem, if handler script
          return TCL_ERROR. Made the cget method work for the parser
          related options, even if there are no handler scripts set.

        * generic/tcldom.c  
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tclexpat.c
        * generic/domlock.c: Always use domPanic as panic function.  

2003-11-20  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/domxslt.c: Bug fix: Setting a top-level xslt param
          with -parameters and using this param for setting another
          top level var could end in seg fauld.

2003-11-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Replaced a C++ style comment with a C
          style comment.
2003-11-02  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/xpath.test: Added a few tests related to declarations
          to chapter 4.2 and 4.4 in the errata to the XPath rec.

        * generic/domxpath.h: Fixed memory leak, if floor or ceiling
          are called with non-numbers.

2003-11-01  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Minor bug fix: Special handling is
          needed, if xsl:copy-of is used, to copy namespace nodes.

2003-10-26  Rolf Ade  <>
        * apps/xslt.tcl: Removed not needed code.

        * generic/dom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Bug fix: Under some circumstances it was
          possible, that an URI change for a subtree was not stored in
          the tree (resulting in wrong base URI for that nodes).

        * generic/domxpath.c: number() bug fix: Now works according to
          the XPath rec understanding of a Number, not with the libc
          understanding of a double.

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/dom.domxslt.c: Globalized the macro IS_XML_WHITESPACE.

2003-10-24  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Bug fix for document() func, if called
          with 2 args and first arg evaluates to the empty
          string. Improved error reporting, if an XSLT variable is
          tried to reset, although there is already such a variable in
          scope: now the name of the var is also reported in the error

        * apps/xslt.tcl: Updated to use the new asText option.

2003-10-23  Rolf Ade  <>

        * expat/*
        * CHANGES: Update to expat 1.95.7.
2003-10-22  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * tests/xpath.test: Bug fix in the xpath lexer: In a union
          expr, a NCName test with a name equal to an operator was
          wrongly interpreted as operator.
2003-10-21  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed bug with current(), if it is used
          in the select expr of an xsl:sort.

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxpath.h
        * generic/domxslt.c: Changed handling of key node sets. It's a
          somewhat focused optimization, for the price of a very small
          overall cost. I've done it anyway, because it's a very
          notable speed up for an important xslt pattern (the so
          called Muenchian Method for grouping). 

        * generic/tcldom.c: Removed two unused variables.

2003-10-17  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c: Fixed dom parse -channel option, which got
          accidentally broken, due to the lately switch from
          Tcl_GetStringFromObj() to Tcl_GetString().

        * generic/tcldom.c: Added again some recently implemented methods to
          domObj_usage and node_usage, which got accidentally removed
          by the lately editorial changes.

2003-10-16  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/tcldom.c: added "dom detachDocument" command
	  to match the already present "dom attachDocument".
	  This is used only for threaded tdom builds.

	* generic/domlock.c: changed lock caching to accommodate for
	  situation with huge number of created documnents
	  Also, added new "domDoc" command as a first-class tdom citizen,
	  analogous to the already existing "domNode". It operates on the
	  document token.

	  Attempt has been made to start to follow Tcl-style-guide
	  but we still have a way to go. The first thing is to try
	  to force the 78-chars margin where possible/feasible.
	  Therefore, many of the source files have been cosmetically
	  touched, without code or functionality changes.

2003-10-12  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxslt.c: Removed not used vars.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domhtml.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/tclexpat.c
        * generic/tclexpat.h
        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Merged domCreateEmptyDoc() and
          domCreateDoc(), now there is only one API proc:

2003-10-10  Rolf Ade  <>

        * extensions/tdomhtml/
        * extensions/tnc/ Fixed pkgIndex.tcl problem, if
          the path to the packages contains a space.

        * doc/domDoc.*
        * doc/domNode.*
        * CHANGES  
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/domCmd.test: Added implementation for new method
          normalize (and as a by-product a C implementation for the
          method appendData).

2003-10-09  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/domCmd.test    
        * generic/tcldom.c: Made code robust against renaming of
          domDoc cmds (well, unlikely, not to say very unlikely, but
          at least it also simplified code and reduces obj size by a
          few bytes). Changed sharedDocs hash table (only MT build)

2003-10-08  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed the preliminary (and MT only) method

2003-10-07  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/nodecmd.c
        * generic/nodecmd.h
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test
        * doc/domNode.*
        * CHANGES: Added new method insertBeforeFromScript to
          domNodes. Bug fixes for appendFromScript: In case of error
          in the script, the tree will not be altered. The
          appendFromScript may only be used for ELEMENT_NODEs.

2003-10-04  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.h: Removed prototypes of functions, which
          are not implemented. Editorial changes.

        * generic/domxpath.h
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test
        * tests/domCmd.test
        * CHANGES
        * doc/domDoc.*
        * doc/domNode.*: Added new method 'asText' to domDocs and
          domNodes. Renamed xpathGetTextValue() to
          xpathGetStringValue(), to be more according to the vocabular
          of the XPath rec.

2003-10-01  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/dom.c: Removed unnecessary check of 
          domModuleIsInitialized in domReadDocument(). Corrected typo
          in a comment.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Reworked usage of nodeNumber. It is now used
          only in one place, the new domPrecedes function. Also in
          domPrecedes is a fall-back mechanism, which is used if the
          document has an invalid node numbering. Removed the forced
          re-numbering in case of invalid node numbering of the doc
          for every single selectNodes. Added preliminary method
          renumber for MT-enabled builds. Carefully reviewed every
          rsAddNode usage in domxpath.c. Some minor editorial

2003-09-28  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tclexpat.c: Removed two unused vars.

        * tests/domnamespace.test
        * generic/dom.h: Changed type of domNameSpaceIndex, domNodeFlags,
          domAttrFlags, domDocFlags and info in dom*Node structs from
          int to unsigned int. This fixes bug with docs with more than
          128 different namespaces.

        * tests/xpath.test
        * generic/domxpath.c: Bug fix: preceding-sibling axes could
          give wrong results in case the context node is a child of
          rootNode (e.g the documentElement).

        * tests/dom.test
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/dom.c: Bug fix for replaceChild: If the node to
          replace was wrong, the doc got mangled. Bug fix for
          appendChild, replaceChild: the new node could not be a
          sibling or child of node. Speed improvment in some cases for
          removeChild, replaceChild, appendChild.

2003-09-22  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/dom.test
        * doc/domNode.*
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/dom.c: Reworked insertBefore: Bug fix: If the
          refNode was invalid, the involved documents got mangled. Bug
          fix: Dead loop, if the node to insert was the node
          itself. Bug fix: the rootNode of node's document could be
          used as node to insert. Bug fix: It was not possible, to
          insert a node before refNode, which was already a children
          of node. Bug fix: It was not possible, to insert a sibling
          of node. Feature enhancement: If the refnode is the empty
          string, the newNode is inserted at the end of the children
          list of node. Optimization: Average speed was O(n/2) (n:
          number of childs of node) in case the node to insert was out
          of the tree, and 0((n+m)/2) (m: number of nodes in the
          fragments list) in case the node to insert was out of the
          fragments list. Now its O(1). 

        * tests/dom.test: Removed 'knownBug' constraint from two
          tests, which documented known bugs, that are fixed in the

2003-09-17  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/cdata,test
        * tests/element.test
        * tests/parser.test: Added a few tests related to the new
          flexibility of the -elementstartcommand, -elementendcommand
          and -characterdatacommand scripts.
        * doc/expat.*: Added documentation for the now implemented
          cget method. Added information about the default for the
          -paramentityparsing option.
        * generic/tclexpat.c
        * generic/tclexpat.h: Enhanced the new cget method of
          parserObjs to also report the state of -noexpand,
          -useForeignDTD, -paramentityparsing (those by doing the
          bookkeeping with an enhanced TclGenExpatInfo struct, because
          the expat parser do not proived an API to request this
          settings) and -namespace. Improved argument check of the
          parser obj method calls. Optimization for calling handler

2003-09-16  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* added SHLIB_CFLAGS to set of compiler
	  switches in order to silence the picky linker.

2003-09-14  Rolf Ade  <>

        * lib/tdom.tcl: Fixed scripting bugs in
          ::dom::domDoc::importNode and ::dom::domNode::length    

        * dist target: Don't include CVS dirs and hidden
          files into the distribution file.
2003-09-14  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* configure
	* made more TEA-2 compatible by moving the
	  tcldomsh target out. Also, honour the MATH_LIBS as
	  calculated by the tcl.m4 instead of plumbing our own.
	  Also, fixed "make dist" to produce distribution file.

	* tclconfig/ChangeLog
	* tclconfig/tcl.m4: imported fresh new versions from SF

	* unix/CONFIG: cleanup
	* macosx/README: cleanup

2003-09-14  Rolf Ade  <>

        Merged fixes from 0.7.8 into HEAD. This includes:

        2003-08-06  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

        	* generic/nodecmd.c: removed optimized domAppendChild1
        	  in favour of generic domAppendChild since former was
        	  trashing memory in certain situations.

        2003-08-06  Rolf Ade  <>

                * tests/all.tcl
                * tests/domCmd.test: Added contraint need_uri, so that
                  the few tests, which needs the tcllib uri package
                  are skipped, if the uri package isn't present.

        2003-07-06  Rolf Ade  <>

                * generic/tclexpat.c: Fixed bug in the subtree skipping
                  feature of event handlers. Should be merged with HEAD.

                * lib/tdom.tcl: Fixed error reporting in

        2003-07-03  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

        	* generic/domlock.c: fixed double mutex unlock.

        	* generic/tcldom.c: allows same thread to issue several
        	  "attachDocument" commands to artificially bump the 
                  document refcount thus making the document sticky.
        	  Also, fixed variable tracing issues when tearing down the
        	  dom document. Now, all node object command variables are
        	  automatically untraced. This prevents memory trashing when
        	  such variables are unset by user or by Tcl.

2003-09-14  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/tclexpat.c: Added cget method implementation for all
          parser options with the exceptions of -namespace,
          -useForeignDTD and -paramentityparsing. Revamped behind the
          scene code for handling of the -elementstartcommand,
         -elementendcommand and -characterdatacommand options. Up to
          now, the arguments to this options must have been the name
          of an already defined tcl proc. This allowed a special high
          performance calling of that procs. The new code behaves
          exactly the same way for every script, which worked with
          previous versions. Additionally it allows, to specify a not
          already defined tcl proc and, probably more important,
          allows 'arbitrary' tcl scripts as argument to that
          options. All in this checkin in the work of Harry Moreau
          ( Many thanks for this contribution.

2003-06-13  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Added an argument check for XSLTCmds.

2003-06-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed a bug in xsl:number. If there is no
          'count' attribute given to xsl:number, it must default to
          the pattern that matches any node with the same node type as
          the current node and, if the current node has an
          expanded-name, with the same expanded-name as the current
          node. But in case of PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODEs as the
          current node and no 'count' attribute, it counted all pi's
          regardless of the name. Now, the name is respected, as it
          should be.
2003-06-11  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/domlock.c: fixed double mutex unlock.

2003-05-19  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/dom.*: Corrected the documentation of the
          createDocumentNS method: the args uri and docElementName
          were documented in the wrong order (reported by Vico
          Klump). Minor markup changes.

2003-05-16  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/dom.h 
	* generic/tdom.decls
	* generic/tdomDecls.h
	* generic/tdomStubInit.c 
	* generic/tdomStubLib.c 
	* generic/tdominit.c: fixed so it compiles cleanly when 
	  -NS_AOLSERVER is defined.

2003-05-16  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.h
	* generic/tcldom.c
	* generic/domxslt.c
	* generic/tclexpat.c: Switched to use XML_ParserCreate_MM(), to be
	  able (at tDOM build time) to make the expat parser use custom
	  *alloc/free() functions (macro MEM_SUITE in dom.h). For
	  TCL_MEM_DEBUG and NS_AOLSERVER builds the mem functions, used by
	  the parser default now to Tcl_Alloc()/Tcl_Realloc()/Tcl_Free().
	  Switched to XML_FreeContentModel(), for freeing stored element
	  content models.

2003-05-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/xmlsimple.c: Renamed the documents rootNode (in the
          sense of the XPath data model, that is not the document
          element) from "(rootNode)" to "", in preparation for the
          promissed 'domDoc without documentElement' feature, to fix a
          somewhat outlying problem with xslt numbering and because
          it's clearly more the 'right thing' according to the rec.

        * generic/domxslt.c: Removed the arg xs from
          sortNodeSetFastMerge(), because it isn't used.

2003-04-20  Rolf Ade  <>

        * extensions/tdomhtml/tdomhtml.tcl: Proc newdoc: New optional
          argument (list of names of local variables) allows the use
          of local variables (in the scope of the caller of newdoc) in
          the script argument of newdoc. Contributed by Chuck Ferril.

2003-04-16  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Optimization: Improved caching of
          external documents.

2003-04-12  Rolf Ade  <>

        * README
        * README.AOL
        * configure
        * configure-8.0.5
        * tests/loadtdom.tcl
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix.h
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix_OSX.h    
        * extensions/tnc/tnc.c: Bumped version to 0.8.0 (alpha).

2003-04-09  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c: Fixed a bug in the creation of the error msg
          in case of parsing errors in an external entity.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * tests/domCmd.test
        * doc/dom.*
        * generic/tcldom.c: Added option -paramentityparsing to the
          [dom parse] method. [dom parse] option parsing now uses
          Tcl_GetIndexFromObj() (which additionally fixes a minor bug
          with the current option parsing).
        * generic/tcldom.c: Removed an unused variable. Improved error
          reporting in case of not found attribute. Better options
          check for the 'xslt' methods. Changed implementation of the
          dom method isQName to use the lately introduced API function

        * generic/tclexpat.c
          tests/parser.test: Fixed a bug in the value parsing of the
          -paramentityparsing option.

        * tests/domCmd.test: Added tests for the interface of the

        * tests/xpath.test: Added test which documents the bug prior
          to domxpath.c r1.63.  
        * doc/dom.*: Added 'package require tdom' to the syntax
          decription (

        * doc/domDoc.*: Added documentation for the toXSLTcmd method
          and the resulting xsltCmds. Corrected the documentation for
          the xslt method (missed -ignoreUndeclaredParameters and
          -xsltmessagecmd in the method syntax).  
2003-04-05  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tclexpat.c: Bug fix: If the parsing state is already
          not TCL_OK return in the notstandalonehandler immediately
          success, otherwise the error msg will be overwritten with a
          false diagnostic. A few editorial changes.

2003-04-04  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c 
        * generic/dom.h: Added domIsQNAME.

        * generic/dom.c: Bug fix: For textNodes getLine/getColumn
          method report the position of the first char of the text

        * generic/domxpath.c: Bug fix: Detects now some erroneous
          XPath expressions. Added parameter number check to XPath
          functions substring and concat (the last two XPath
          functions, without such check, they must have slipped thou
          somehow, up to now).

        * generic/domxslt.c: Improved interal function reportError(),
          can now be used with all kind of nodes not only element
          nodes. Improved behavior in case of dubious numbering
          (negative roman number or latin letters fall back to default
          latin numbers). Fixed a potential memory leak (in case of
          overwriting named templates without match attribute with an
          other named template). Improved error reports: for more
          detected errors there is now a line/column number
          given. Plenty of improvements in detecting erroneous
          stylesheets: more checks for format-number formatting
          patters (although especically format-number patterns are
          still a can of worms), added parameter number check for
          additional XPath function current(), template, parameter,
          variable, sort, choose, copy, and message elements.

2003-03-26  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed some memory problems, mostly in
          case of erroneous stylesheets.

--- Release 0.7.7, 25. Mar. 2003 ---

2003-03-25  Rolf Ade  <>
        * configure
        * configure-tcl8.0.5
        * README
        * README.AOL
        * win/
        * extensions/tnc/
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix.h
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix_OSX.h
        * mac/tDOM_OSX.prj.xml: Bumped the version number to 0.7.7.

        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed error, which prevents building 0.7.6
          with -DTCL_THREADS=1. (Arrrg.)

--- Release 0.7.6, 24. Mar. 2003 ---

2003-03-22  Rolf Ade  <>

        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix.h
        * mac/Prefix/tDOMPrefix_OSX.h
        * mac/Prefix/tncPrefix.h
        * mac/Prefix/tncPrefix_OSX.h
        * mac/tDOM_OSX.prj.xml: Final tweaking for 0.7.6.

        * expat/VERSION
        * expat/expat.h: Updated to an after 1.95.6 version, which
          fixes the problem, that some compilers had with the 1.95.6

2003-03-22  Rolf Ade  <>

        * README
        * README.AOL
        * configure
        * configure-tcl8.0.5
        * mac/tDOM.r
        * mac/tDOM_OSX.prj.xml
        * mac/tnc.r
        * extensions/tnc/ Updated to new version number 0.7.6.
        * mac/tDOM/*: Added dir/files, to have a version number
          independed output dir for the mac build.

        * mac/tDOM.0.7.5/*
        * mac/tDOM.0.7.5: Removed in favor of a version-less tDOM
          output directory.

        * configure
        * tdomstub_BUILD_SPEC must point to the
          plattform specific build dir.

        * generic/tcldom.h: Removed hard coded version number, uses
          now VERSION define.
        * win/
        * win/
        * win/pkgIndex.tcl: Updated to new version 0.7.6.

        * extensions/tnc/tnc.c
        * extensions/tnc/tests/tnc.c: Added code needed to handle
          effects of the -useForeignDTD option.
        * doc/domNode.*
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Renamed 'startBefore' method to the better
          name 'precedes' and changed behavior: the method now
          returns simply a boolean value.

2003-03-19  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c    
        * generic/domxslt.c    
        * generic/dom.h    
        * generic/dom.c: Replaced a few exit() code with Tcl_Panic(),
          which ensures, that even windows users get a useful error

        * generic/dom.c: Fixed a mem leak in handling external

        * doc/expat.*
        * doc/dom.*
        * tests/domCmd.test
        * tests/data/domCmd1.dtd
        * tests/data/domCmd2.dtd
        * tests/entity.test
        * lib/tdom.tcl  
        * tests/domCmd.test
        * generic/tclexpat.c  
        * generic/tcldom.c  
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/dom.c: Added option -useForeignDTD to dom parse 
          and expat.

        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed several potential memory leaks
          while processing erroneous stylesheets. Bug fix: added
          missing memory clean to grouping-separator/grouping-size

        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed potential memory problem while
          processing erroneous stylesheet. Improved error msg in
          case of script errors in the -externalentitycommand

        * doc/domNode.*
        * tests/dom.test
        * generic/tcldom.c: Added method 'startBefore', to compare the
          relative order of two nodes out of the same document.
        * generic/nodecmd.c: Added explicit memory clean up of the
          nodecmd stack, to reduce 'noice' while memory leak

        * tests/dom.test: Added a reminder for a minor known memory

        * tests/data/mondial-europe.xml: Added this file (used by the
          usage example of xe).
        * xe/xe-input: Changed pathes to point to the location of
2003-03-19  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* installs the into the
	  $(libdir) whatever that points to.

2003-03-08  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* expt/internal.h: disabled FASTCALL & friends
	  since those do not work anywhere, as of my knowledge.

2003-03-06  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/domalloc.c: removed include malloc.h since 
	  not needed nor not found on macosx

	* adds "-lm" even when linking the shared image
	  since Starkit users need that. Also, fixed alternative libdir
	  usage when installing in non-standard (user-given) location.

	* unix/CONFIG: new file. Adds some examples how to build
	  the extension on some common Unix platforms.

	* mac: added Bernards CodeWarrior files for Mac builds.
	* macosx: added directory where we will supply the ProjectBuilder
	  files (hopefully :)

2003-03-03  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/dom.test    
        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed bug with using the 'domNode' cmd
          without argument (spotted by Bernard Desgraupes).

2003-02-27  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: xsl:number attributes grouping-separator
          and grouping-size now also interpreted as attribute value
          templates. (The last two (missing up to now only by mistake)
          attribute value templates under the recognized xsl

2003-02-26  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Removed unused variables.

        * lib/tdom.tcl
          generic/dom.c: Improved ::tDOM::xml(Read|Open)File. Now
          handles also utf-16 files with BOM right.

        * generic/domxslt.c: Made some functions static. Removed a
          TODO note, which already was done. Improved some error msgs
          (now with line/column info, if available). Bug fix:
          xsltXPathFuncs must return -1 to signal error, because if
          the source of the function call was inside of domxslt.c the
          result code (rc) check rule is rc < 0. Fixed text in a
          xsl:attribute error msg. Fixed memory leak in error case in
          ExecAction, case forEach. Added a missing result code check
          in ExecAction, case procinstr. Bug fix: Even literal result
          element subtrees are relevant for xslt variable scope
          (default case of ExecAction). Bug fix: the expression
          context of the match expr of a xsl:template is the
          xsl:template node. Now the xslt white space stripping is
          done before the top level processing (was done after
          toplevel processing).
2003-02-25  Rolf Ade  <>

        * expat/VERSION    
        * expat/internal.h: Applied post 1.95.6 patch, to fix compiler
          warnings ("warning: `regparm' attribute directive ignored")
          from gcc on Solaris.

2003-02-22  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/tdom.decls
        * generic/tdom.h
        * generic/tdomDecls.h
        * generic/tdomStubInit.c: Added tcldom_getNodeFromName(),
          tcldom_getDocumentFromName() and the dom.h typdefs to the
          tDOM stubs table. Needed for the new tnc feature (and
          elsewhere, on the long run).

        * doc/tnc.*  
        * extensions/tnc/configure
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tnc/
        * extensions/tnc/test.tcl
        * extensions/tnc/tnc.c: Added new tnc method getValidateCmd.
          Changed to use the same memory allocator/free defines as
          the tDOM core. Bumped the version to 0.3.
        * extensions/tnc/tests
        * extensions/tnc/tests/all.tcl
        * extensions/tnc/tests/loadtnc.tcl
          extensions/tnc/tests/tnc.test: Started test suite for the
          tcl interface of the tnc command and the validator
        * generic/tclexpat.c: Better eContents cleanup. Bug fix: of
          course we have to call the parserResetProcs of the
          registered C handler sets while reseting the expat parser

        * lib/tdom.tcl: Smaller fixes. Changed the values of the
          system-properties xsl:vendor (included me) and
          xsl:vendor-url (to
2003-02-22  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/dom.h: Added (char*) cast to argument of Tcl_Free
	  in the FREE macro. This avoids some compiler warnings.
	* generic/dom.c: Added some typecasts to MALLOC to avoid
	  compiler warnings.

2003-02-21  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Bug fixes: Return after detecting the
          error (xsltPathFuncs), ensure that savedLastNode is always
          set right (ExecAction, case copy). Editorial changes.

        * configure
        * configure-tcl8.0.5: Don't remove with a 'make
          clean', only with a 'make distclean'.
2003-02-09  Rolf Ade  <>

        * expat/*: Update to expat 1.95.6.

        * apps/xslt.tcl: Updated to use the new -xsltmessagecmd option
          of the xslt method and the -doctypeDeclaration of the
          asXML/asHTML methods. Added a few comments.

2003-02-09  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/tcldom.c        
        * doc/domDoc.*
        * tests/domCmd.test: Public and system identifier information
          are now stored (if parsed with the expat parser or generated
          by the xslt engine, if given), exposed to the script level
          (even writable, more than DOM 2 allows) and will be, on
          demand, respected while serializing.

        * generic/dom.c: Bug fix: Hold ID => node mapping consistent
          even after resetting or removal of known ID attributes.

        * generic/domxslt.c: Bug fix: invalid memory read.
        * generic/tcldom.c: Bug fix: invalid memory read.

2003-01-30  Rolf Ade  <>
        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * generic/xmlsimple.c
        * tests/xslt.tests: Fixed bug reported by Wilhelm Klink
          ( see test
          xslt-4.1). Again a problem (sideeffect) of renumbering
          node->nodeNumber (which is necessary after modification of
          the tree for some XPath expr to work). The keys of the
          entries in the baseURIs hash table of the documents where
          the nodeNumber of the (subtree root) nodes with new
          baseURI. Since this nodeNumber isn't necessarily constant
          over the lifetime of a node (because of the possibility of
          re-numbering the tree), this could not work anymore. Instead
          the nodeNumber, we now use the pointer to the node structure
          as Key for the baseURIs hash table. This pointers stay
          always constant, even if the nodeNumber changes. Additional
          code was added to domFreeNode(), to ensure, that an entry in
          the baseURIs hash table gets freed, if the related node is
          in deed freed. Removed the yesterday added reseting of the
          domUniqueNodeNr counter, because it turned out in testing,
          that there are problems with sorting of resultSets, which
          includes nodes from different documents (which may happen
          with some special XSLT constructs (document() calls with a
          nodeset as argument)). The reseting of the domUniqueNodeNr
          is still desirable, but it turned out, that it should be
          carefully considered, when it should be done.

2003-01-29  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/xslt.test: Changed escaping of serialized XML. The
          previous behavior wasn't 'wrong', but now we do it along the
          lines of almost all other (important) tools and it seems
          there's al least some xslt code out there, which banks on
          this 'common' way of serializing. Though, there is a small
          risk, that this is an incompatible change for a few users.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/xmlsimple.c
        * tests/dom.test: Fixed the problem of 'changing node
          references' under some circumstances (reported by Wilhelm
          Klink). This also decrease the possibility of a potential
          problem for extremely long running single threaded tDOM

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Fix for the problem with ownerDocument
          reported by Oleg Oleinick (see test dom-29.1).

        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Fixed bug with COMMENT_NODEs while using the
          asList method (problem reported by Ramon Ribó). While at it,
          also added code for handling processing instructions, which
          was also missing, up to now.

2003-01-11  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/domxslt.h
        * generic/tcldom.c: Added conversion of XSLT stylesheet DOM
          trees to 'cached' xslt cmds (new domDoc method
          toXSLTcmd). Works for non threaded tcl; needs additional
          work for multi-threaded tcl and documentation.

        * generic/domxslt.c: Fixed a bug introduced during rework of
          the white space stripping for XML sources.

        * generic/tclexpat.c: Editorial change (Typo in comment)
2002-12-28  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/domxslt.h
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * doc/domNode.*
        * doc/domDoc.*
        * tests/xslt.test: The xslt method now understands also the
          options -ignoreUndeclaredParameters and -xsltmessagecmd.

        * tests/xpath.test
        * generic/tcldom.h: Editorial changes.

2002-12-23  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Reworked the white space stripping for XML
          sources a bit. Better white space handling in token lists.

2002-12-21  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxpath.c: Fixed the changes by me in rev. 1.60 in
          the XPath Lexer.

2002-12-20  Zoran Vasiljevic  (

	* generic/tcldom.c
	* generic/dom.c
	* generic/domxpath.c
	* generic/domalloc.c
	* generic/domhtml.c
	* generic/docxpath.c: added DBG macro around some fprintf's

2002-11-28  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Reuse already parsed trees only if it is
          requested again for the same matter (as stylesheet or as
          source dir), otherwise create a new tree, because of the
          different white space stripping rules for stylesheets and
          source documents.    

2002-11-27  Rolf Ade  <>
        * win/ Added this file. VC++ 6.0 makefile to
          compile against tcl8.0.5, contributed by Sumit Pokhariyal.

        * generic/domxpath.c: FQ names with a localname equal to a
          XPath 'keyword' (for example ns1:div) are now recognized as
          node test (they raised error up to now). Changed
          generate-id() to return the more generic named 'id<idstr>'
          instead of the up to now used 'node<idstr>'.

--- Release 0.7.5, 27. Nov. 2002 ---

2002-11-24  Rolf Ade  <>

        * Changed the order of the include dirs, to avoid
          clash with tcldom.h out of TclDOM-2.4, which will be
          installed in the same directory as tcl.h

2002-11-22  Rolf Ade  <>

        * configure-tcl8.0.5: Added this file. Special configure for
          Tcl8.0.5 users.
        * README: Updated notes for Tcl8.0.5 users.  

2002-11-21  Rolf Ade  <>

        * doc/expat.*: We don't have a 'provide expat' anymore, it's
          all tdom. Fixed a typo.

2002-11-17  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/domxslt.c: Report error, if xsl:import elements not
          come first.

        * doc/tnc.*: Better wording.
2002-11-16  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/
        * extensions/tnc/ A bit final tweaking for 0.7.5.    

2002-11-16  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/dom.h
	* generic/dom.c
	* generic/tcldom.c
	* generic/tclStubLib.c: fixed references to panic (now Tcl_Panic)
	  Also, fixed some 8.0.5 compilation issues.

        * README: added some 8.0.5 compilation notes

2002-11-16  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Fixed bugs, which only raised there head
          if compiled against tcl8.0.5.

        * tests/all.tcl  
        * tests/loadtdom.tcl
        * tests/domCmd.test
        * tests/domnamespace.test
        * tests/htmlreader.test
        * tests/i18n.test
        * tests/xmlsimple.test
        * tests/xslt.test: Made test suite also running under
          tcl8.0.5. Added constraint to the tests, which uses i18n tcl
        * doc/tnc.xml
        * doc/tnc.html
        * doc/tnc.n: Updated documentation.  

2002-11-15  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/dom.h: added IS_DELETED node flag
	  Changed domFreeNode to accept one additional parameter.
	  This parameter is used to signal the function to 
	  perform node-walk and invoke user-supplied callback w/o
	  actually freeing the node. This functionality is required
	  for example when a thread detaches from the shared DOM tree
	  and wants to detach all eventual node commands from its
 	  Added "struct domNode *deletedNodes" in the document structure
	  This is the head of all nodes spliced out of the tree but not
	  yet free'd. This is needed in order to avoid memory trashing
	  when one thread deletes the node and the second thread still
	  holds the reference to it over the nodecmd command.
	  Added "struct domNode *nextDeleted" to maintain the list of
	  deleted nodes, as explained above.
	* generic/tcldom.c: introduced changes in the way nodes are
	  deleted from the tree in multi-threading shared-tree situations.
	  We now do not delete nodes having references from nodecmds from
	  different threads/interpreters. Instead, we put them on the 
	  deleted nodes list and tear-down this list when we delete the

	* generic/tcldom.c: when a thread detaches from the shared dom tree
	  it will now properly delete all commands attached to nodes.
	  Also, the dom object command barks when attempting to use already
	  deleted node (the node put on the deletion list).
2002-11-15  Rolf Ade  <>

        * tests/dom.test: Added some tests for as yet not covered node

        * tests/htmlreader.test: Minor fix: added tcltest cleanup.

        * generic/tcldom.c: Changed 'attributes' method to return the
          empty string as result for non element nodes, according to
          the DOM 2 rec, chapter "Interface Node". Fixed a seg fault
          in hasAttributeNS. Closed a mem leak in appendXML.

        * lib/tdom.tcl: Added simple debugging feature to

2002-11-14  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/tcldom.c: fixed UMR report from Purify

2002-11-12  Rolf Ade  <>

        * win/
        * extensions/tnc/ Updated to the new version nr
          and the lib name convention of the new TEA 2 build system.

2002-11-09  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: HTML serializer: No content escaping for
          the HTML tags script and style, according to XSLT rec
          16.2. Fixed a memory problem during interp deletion.

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/domxpath.c: Minor changes.

2002-11-03  Rolf Ade  <>

        * lib/tdom.tcl: tDOM::xmlOpenFile fix for files < 4 Byte size.    
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/domxpath.h: Fixed ridiculously long runtime of
          certain // expr on certain documents. During analysis and
          testing, it turned out, that it would have been an even
          simpler approach, to simply expand the abbreviation // in
          the according productions. Though, the chosen implementation
          seems often to be (slightly) faster and is a start to
          collect experiences with early predicate evaluation.

2002-11-02  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* lib/tdomhtml.tcl: removed in favour of new tdom extension

	* extensions/tdomhtml: added new tdom extension for HTML
	  generation based on tdomhtml.tcl and internal tdom 
	  appendFromScript mechanism. This is a Tcl-only extension
	  which merely needs to be "make install"'ed.

	* removed traces of tdomhtml.tcl file since it
	  now lives in its own extension

	* configure: added TDOM_LD_SEARCH_FLAGS processing to help
	  runtime linker locate eventual custom shared libraries

2002-11-01  Rolf Ade  <>

        * Fixed 'missing separator' problem (using tab
          instead of white space).

        * lib/tdom.tcl: Updated function-available, corrected
          ridiculous typo by my (element-avaliable ->
          element-available). Somewhat fixed and updated

        * generic/domxpath.c
        * tests/xpath.c: Full qualified XPath function names now are
          accepted as syntactical correct expr. The function call is
          resolved to the Tcl proc

        * generic/dom.c
        * generic/dom.h
        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/nodecmd.c
        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/xpath.test: Fixed old problem with Combine Set XPath
          expressions and XSLT sorts on trees, in which new nodes are
          inserted after the initial parsing (doc order of result).
2002-10-31  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* lib/tdom.tcl: does now "package require tdom" only,
	  instead of "package provide tdom 0.7.5".
	  The "package provide" with a correct version is
 	  done by the C-module now (which is better).
	  Some cosmetic changes as well (keep 80-columns wide!).

  	* lib/tdomhtml.tcl: renamed version of domhtml.tcl
	  Also did some simplification in html2tcl, renamed some
	  internal private functions and added namespace-wide 
	  definitions of html command names. The _2tcl procedure
	  now creates the missing elementNode commands as it
	  parses the html code, on the fly.

	* changed order of loads in the pkgIndex.tcl.
	  First the C-module is loaded, followed by the tdom.tcl 
	  library file, followed by the tdomhtml.tcl library file.
 	  Thus, the tdomhtml.tcl has become the first class citizen.

	* CHANGES: added this file

2002-10-31  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c
        * tests/dom.test: Fixed argument check of domObj method
          documentElement. Fixed domNode method appendFromList (wrong
          list format could result in seg fault). Thanks to Oleg
          Oleinick, for reporting both problems.

        * generic/domxslt.c
        * generic/domxpath.c
        * generic/dom.c: Fixed mem leaks/possible invalid read
2002-10-30  Zoran Vasiljevic  <>

	* generic/domxslt.c: added proper cast to arguments passed to
	  FREE() macro to avoid compiler barking at us.

2002-10-30  Rolf Ade  <>

        * generic/tcldom.c: Added -escapeNonASCII and -htmlEntities
          also to node_usage and domObj_usage.

        * extensions/tnc/test.tcl: Updated to use new tDOM
          features. Made more usable.    

        * apps/xslt.tcl: Updated to using domDoc xslt method,
          -escapeNonASCII for asXML and asHTML and additionally
          -htmlEntities for asHTML.

	* generic/domxslt.c: Implemented "Forwards-Compatible
          Processing" (XSLT rec 2.5), with limitations: xsl:version
          attributes on literal result elements are not
          supported. Fixed a bug in XPath func
          format-number(). XsltProcess now accepts also a
          domDoc. Improved the setting of the documentElement of the

2002-10-29  Rolf Ade  <>

	* generic/tcldom.c:
        * doc/domDoc.*
        * doc/domNode.*: Added -escapeNonASCII as option to the asXML
          and asHTML methods and -htmlEntities as option to the asHTML
          method. Added "xslt" method to domDoc commands.

	* generic/dom.c: Better error reporting in case of parsing
          errors in external entities.

        * doc/expat.*: Fixed a documentation bug.
2002-10-29 Zoran Vasiljevic <>

	* generic/tcldom.c
	* generic/nodecmd.c
	* generic/nodecmd.h: modified "dom createNodeCmd" to accept the
        -returnNodeCmd" optional argument. All commands created
	with this option willreturn the dom object command for accessing 
	the generated node.
	* ChangeLog: added this file