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This file contains instructions for building tdom on Windows platforms.

Windows builds may be done with either the MingW-W64 tool chain
comprising of gcc and friends, or with the Microsoft Visual C++ and
nmake tools. Each is described below.

Building with either tool chain requires that the Tcl libraries that
are linked have also been built with the same tool chain. The resulting
binaries however can be loaded into a Tcl shell compiled with any
tool chain provided the requisite C runtimes are present on the system.

Building With The Mingw-W64 Tool Chain

Building with the MingW follows a similar process to the autoconf/TEA
based Unix builds.

1. Start a shell using mingw32.exe or mingw64.exe for 32- and 64-bit
fields respectively. Do NOT use msys2.exe directly.

2. Assuming you want to include HTML5 support using the Gumbo libraries,
build the Gumbo libraries by running these commands in the top level
directory where you extracted the Gumbo distribution. Note these
shell commands must be run in the mingw32.exe or mingw64.exe shells
as appropriate.

    make install

This will install the Gumbo libraries in the mingw32/mingw64 system
directories as appropriate.

3. Change to a build directory and run the configure at the top level
tdom directory. For example, if doing a 64-bit build in the win/build64
directory within a mingw64.exe shell,

    mkdir win/build
    cd win/build
    ../../configure --enable-threads --enable-html5 --enable-64bit --prefix=/c/tcl/mingw/85/x64 --with-tcl=/c/tcl/mingw/85/x64/lib
    make install

In the above sequence, we are building against Tcl 8.5 installed under
c:\tcl\mingw\85\x64 on the system. The Gumbo libraries built in the
previous step are automatically picked up from the mingw64.exe directories.
Note that tdom on Windows binds against the static Gumbo library so
there is no additional DLL to distribute.

The 32-bit build is similar except omitting the --enable-64bit option
(and of course pointing configure to a 32-bit installation of Tcl.

4. Build the tnc and tdomhtml extensions in similar fashion to the above
except that the --enable-html5 option should be left out in both cases,
and an additional option --with-tdom=path/to/tdom/build needs to be
specified for the tnc configure step.

Because the MinGW-built binaries link to the msvcrt 6.0 runtimes that
is present on all Windows systems, the built tdom is usable on all
Windows systems with a Tcl built with any tool chain without needing
additional runtime libraries to be installed.

Building with Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (free)

1. Build the Gumbo libraries if HTML5 support is desired.

1a. Check out the git repository from  Do NOT use the original
Gumbo repository as that does not contain a complete Visual Studio
project file required for tdom.

1b. Switch to the tdom-libs branch.
Open the visualc/gumbo.sln solution file in Visual Studio. Click the
Batch Build... item under the Build menu. In the dialog box, select
the Win32|Release|x86 and x64|Release|x64 project configurations and
then click the Build or Rebuild button. This will build the 32-bit
and 64-bit gumbo.lib libraries under visualc/Win32/Release and
visualc/x64/Release respectively.

2. Next start a Visual Studio build command shell for 64-bit builds,
usually from
    Windows Start menu->Visual Studio 2017 Folder->x64 Native Command shell

3. Change to the tdom\win directory and type the command

     nmake /s /nologo /f INSTALLDIR=c:\tcl\85-vs2017\x64 GUMBODIR=C:\src\gumbo
    nmake /s /nologo /f INSTALLDIR=c:\tcl\85-vs2017\x64 GUMBODIR=C:\src\gumbo install

Here INSTALLDIR is the path to your Tcl installation and GUMBODIR is
the path to the top level of the Gumbo sources. If GUMBODIR is not
specified, tdom will build without HTML5 support.

The 32-bit builds are similar except that

- the commands need to be run from the Visual Studio x86 Native Tools
command shell, and
- the INSTALLDIR needs to point to a 32-bit Tcl installation
- (Note GUMBODIR need not change)

4a. To build the tnc and tdomhtml extensions,

    cd extensions/tnc/win
    nmake /s /nologo /f INSTALLDIR=c:\tcl\85-vs2017\x64
    nmake /s /nologo /f INSTALLDIR=c:\tcl\85-vs2017\x64 install

    cd extensions/tdomhtml/win
    nmake /s /nologo /f INSTALLDIR=c:\tcl\85-vs2017\x64 install

Note no build step necessary for tdomhtml as it is pure Tcl.

Similar steps for 32-bit builds with appropriate changes.

The Visual Studio 2017 runtimes are not guaranteed to be installed on
all Windows systems. Thus the built tdom package should only be used
with a Tcl that is also built with Visual Studio 2017.

# Building with Visual C++ 6 (32-bit) or Windows 2003 SDK (for 64-bit)

Building with Visual C++ 6 with the included expat isn't any more
possible, because expat dropped support for this. If you still want to
build with this toolset use an expat version prior to 2.2.8.

Steps similar to above except that HTML5 support is not available due
to Gumbo needing C99 support. The GUMBODIR option should be left out
on the nmake build commands.

Because the VC++ 6 and 2003 SDK link to the msvcrt 6.0 runtimes that
is present on all Windows systems, the built tdom is usable on all
Windows systems with a Tcl built with any tool chain without needing
additional runtime libraries to be installed.