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History of tests/dom.bench

Fixed the mess up of domhtml5.c due to editing error while changing the signatur of the tdom core functions domNewElementNode und domNewElementNodeNS. Corrected the help text of the configure option --enable-html (it wrongly claimed from an earlier state it would be build in if the gumbo lib is available, but it is in fact only enabled if explictely requested, for better). file: [5446ce3791] check-in: [f02dd1b319] user: rolf branch: trunk, size: 6823
Enhanced bench suite. file: [53a2bd6113] check-in: [7148e12240] user: rolf branch: tdomNodeType, size: 6558
Most obvious, low hanging fruits of the tdomNodeType Tcl_Obj reform are harvested now. A lot of (if not most) operations in token mode are faster (some micro-benchmark measurements say roughly double speed (or even more)). Even operations in cmd mode seem to be a little bit faster, for whatever reasons. Valgrind checked test suite run is still fine. Because this are changes within the heart of the extension, I'll test this futher in real-live applications, before merging this into trunk. file: [aaa8b6913e] check-in: [9b93825de2] user: rolf branch: tdomNodeType, size: 1329 Added