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History of tests/html5reader.test

Simplified the master file of the included test suite, mostly by removing not longer needed cruft. And other minor test suite gardening. file: [9e17b12e5b] check-in: [fa94139e03] user: rolf branch: trunk, size: 11021
Corrected header comment. file: [f839da02dd] check-in: [ca060d66dc] user: rolf branch: trunk, size: 11061
Changed default of --enable-html5 back to off. By following the rules now the generated DOM trees are "namespaced", the HTML tags in the xhtml, the sgv and mathml tags and the xlink attributes in their respectivly namespaces. Since this probably isn't wanted by a lot of users and adds only burden for no good in a lot of use cases -html5 can be combined with -ignorexmlns, in which case all nodes and attributes in the DOM tree are not in an XML namespace. Added a few words of documentation and tests. file: [8a4fe7a566] check-in: [15f1033a6f] user: rolf branch: html5_by_gumbo, size: 11085
Added an experimental dom parse -html5 option, that uses the gumbo library ( to generate a tdom DOM tree out of (html5) input. It's disabled, by default, enable it with ../configure --enable-html5. This link against the gumbo lib and therefor require that to be installed. file: [c622d6467d] check-in: [5f8d95de29] user: rolf branch: html5_by_gumbo, size: 7021 Added