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"HAVE_MEMMOVE": Macro redefinition
User & Date: anonymous 2020-05-15 12:31:12

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    thank you for great tdom.

    When compiling tdom 0.9.1 on Windows with MSVC2015, I get the following warning. As warnings are treated as errors, compilation stops.

    nmake -f Makefile.vc opts=static,staticpkg,msvcrt,nostubs,symbols TCLDIR=c:\test\tcl8.6.10_vc2015_static_staticpkg_msvcrt_nostubs_symbols 
    c:\test\tdom-0.9.1\expat\winconfig.h(57): error C2220: Warnung wird als Fehler interpretiert, es wurde keine object-Datei generiert.
    c:\test\tdom-0.9.1\expat\winconfig.h(57): warning C4005: "HAVE_MEMMOVE": Makro-Neudefinition
    c:\test\tdom-0.9.1\expat\winconfig.h(57): note: Befehlszeilenargumente: siehe vorherige Definition von "HAVE_MEMMOVE"

    To fix it, please replace in "expat\winconfig.h" line 57 by

    #if !defined(HAVE_MEMMOVE)
    #define HAVE_MEMMOVE
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