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Parents and children of check-in [15f1033a6f]

Integrate the new -html5 option of [dom parse]. Builds on only on linux without too much fussing around and is disabled by default. check-in: f7671c27a3 user: rolf tags: trunk
Changed default of --enable-html5 back to off. By following the rules now the generated DOM trees are "namespaced", the HTML tags in the xhtml, the sgv and mathml tags and the xlink attributes in their respectivly namespaces. Since this probably isn't wanted by a lot of users and adds only burden for no good in a lot of use cases -html5 can be combined with -ignorexmlns, in which case all nodes and attributes in the DOM tree are not in an XML namespace. Added a few words of documentation and tests. Closed-Leaf check-in: 15f1033a6f user: rolf tags: html5_by_gumbo
Made the ../configure default of --enable-html5 to bw 'if available'- check-in: aef7455e78 user: rolf tags: html5_by_gumbo