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Parents and children of check-in [71d80fea6e]

Merged feature virtual constraints into the main schema dev branch. check-in: c24d55afe8 user: rolf tags: schema
(This and the previous commit on this branch:) Changed the calling convention of the virtual contraints: Append the schema command name to the args given and evaluate that. Whatever data the virtual contraint need has to be requested inside the called script (most probably by the new [<schemacmd> info ...] method, which has to be enhanced over time to provide the information that may needed in practice by this. Added code to ensure a Tcl error in evaluated virtual event does pop up in the result of the schema command call. Closed-Leaf check-in: 71d80fea6e user: rolf tags: virtualConstraints
Save work. check-in: ba4f23dbc4 user: rolf tags: virtualConstraints