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Parents and children of check-in [d07b1bbc1c]

Added flag -keepCDATA to [dom parse ...], respected by the expat and simple xml parser. If not used together with -keepEmpties, white space only CDATA sections will not be included into the DOM tree. Used together with -keepEmpties, even empty CDATA sections will result into a node. Fixed the simple xml parser it now bulds an XPath/XSLT "ready" tree by default, as it the standard parser does. Added tDOM::xmlReadFileForSimple helper to read xml files for [dom parse -simple]. check-in: a0809eb3c1 user: rolf tags: trunk
Better interface to the "read the XML file for me" tcl helpers. xmlOpenFile/xmlReadFile stay as they are, a new xmlReadFileForSimple was added to be used together with [dom parse -simple ...]. Closed-Leaf check-in: d07b1bbc1c user: rolf tags: keepCDATA
Added a knob to the helper procs tDOM::xml(Read|Open)File so that they do the right thing for the simple parser in some cases. check-in: 4c688ab844 user: rolf tags: keepCDATA